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Advantage Payroll Services offers a wide scope of advanced payroll processing technology, including continually enhanced proprietary software, online payroll management and a centralized data network. With over 40 years of payroll experience, we've tailored our expertise, customer service and flexible products and services to the unique needs of small and mid-sized businesses. Our clients know they can rely on Advantage for precision payroll and accurate, timely tax filing, week after week, year after year.


Advantage Quick Facts

  • We are one of the only payroll companies to offer direct deposit and tax filing at no additional charge.
  • Founded in 1967 in the New England Area.
  • We began processing payroll in 1988 in our Baton Rouge office.
  • Over 150 standard reports that can be tracked by month, quarter, year or fiscal year.


The Client Comes First

Our passion for customer service is what makes us stand out from the competition. We're committed to recruiting and training an intelligent, highly motivated and customer-focused staff to continually meet our high standards of client service.

Here in Baton Rouge we know each of our customers by name and face. If we have not met you in person yet we probably can point you out a crowd by the sound of your voice. We enjoy talking with our customers on a daily basis because it allows us to get to know them. We like to cater to you how you liked to be catered to. If you want a call, we'll call. If you prefer email, we'll email. If you like the old fashioned fax machine, we've got that, too. We also don't have to talk at all, if you'd prefer, and you can do payroll through Instant Payroll. You let us know what you want so we can cater to you.



But Wait There's More!
In addition to payroll input via email, phone or fax, our new Instant Payroll®  and BambooHR allows Advantage customers to manage their payroll and HR processes on the web anytime, anywhere -- no special software needed. Plus, regardless of how you choose to input your payroll, our new Online Reporting feature gives you secure 24/7 access to your payroll records and management reports on the web.

We also offer a price upbeatable for Employee Background Checks and Screening through our partners National Crime Search.

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