Why Out Source Payroll with Advantage?

We want to be the answer to all your payroll problems. 

Every year more and more small to mid-sized companies are switching to Advantage Payroll Services for payroll. The following are the services included when we do payroll for you:

   Customized Payroll Entry: Phone, Fax, Email or Instant Payroll®

   Signed, Sealed Payroll Checks

   Direct Deposits

   Department and Divisional Summaries

   Easy-to-Read Reports Online

   Online Payrolls

   Guaranteed Deposits of All Payroll Tax Liabilities

   Quarterly and Annual Preparation & Filing

   ACA Reporting 1095C 

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About Advantage

Established in 1967, Advantage began servicing clients' payrolls throughout the New England area.

Our local Baton Rouge office has been a part of the Advantage family since 1988. We service clients nation wide from New York to Washington state. We are a boutique payroll company. Large enough to process in all states including Puerto Rico but small enough to know our customers by name. Advantage services small to mid-size clients ranging from 1 employee companies to well over 1300 employees. Here in Baton Rouge, our average client has 13 employee. Check Us Out!


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Advantage News

We are happy to say we have been serving clients from our Baton Rouge office for 25 25 Yearsyears, now! We want to sincerely thank all our clients and associates whom we have had the pleasure of doing business with during this quarter of a century. We are all looking forward to the next 25 years!


Baton Rouge Advantage Payroll is teaming up with NatioNational Crime Search Logonal Crime Search to give our clients the most efficient and fast way to check on prospect and current employees. Check This Out!



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Beau Thurman or Ron Rode


P 225-926-5640  Toll Free P 866-926-5640

F 225-926-5651    Toll Free F 866-926-5651

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Client Announcements

Our office will be closed Monday, May 28 for the Memorial Day holiday.

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